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      Touchstone textiles located in Xinxiang, China where Chinese flame retardant and functional fabrics began, specializes in the workwear fabrics and post-finishing fabrics with excellent performance to meet the demands of different workplace environments. 


   We take pride in the fact that after 15 years of experience in production, client servicing and stable supply in the workwear textile industry around the world, the team of touchstone was organized in 2016 as a new workwear fabric brand to cater the industries of welding, firefighting, chemical utility, smelting and so on. The sole purpose of organizing this team of Touchstone is to focus on the specific market segments of workwear and develop the items based on the customer and market requirement with changing times and trends. We are cooperating with efficient, reliable partners and guaranteeing supplies of the best raw materials for our products.

       We strongly believe in delivering reliable and premier quality products. We have state of the art testing laboratories equipped with the latest technology and are staffed with highly qualified and experienced technicians enabling us to meet the international standards of quality as well as customers' requirements. From the testing of the raw material up to the assessment of the final products viz, Yarn, Grey Fabric, Processed Fabric and Made-ups are compiled under the international quality control procedures
.Our company is certificated by ISO 9001:2015 and Oeko-Tex 100.  Our quality control procedures are on the guidelines of ISO 9001 and OEKO TEX standards. We are well equipped to verify and control at every phase of the production. 

       Our responsibility is to find creative ways for the worker’s comfort and safety!

Our lab

   Henan Touchstone,an ISO 9001:2015 certificated company, is committed to provide the best quality workwear fabric and garment meet various international standards for end applications.

The quality control procedures for Flame Retardant fabrics are much more critical.

1) Uses the facilities at various international and domestic accredited test laboratories for its fabric testing.

2) Has independent in-house test laboratories for testing key parameters like flame retardancy, dimensional stability, color fastness and physical properties including tensile strength, tear strength, etc;

3) Has a highly experienced quality control team for evaluation and testing of all its workwear fabric at various stages of production.

The testing articles available at Henan Touchtone lab

Testing instruments

Project Tested


Flammability tester

Flame Retardant
property of the fabrics

ISO 15025 ASTM D6413

Tensile Strength Tester

Tensile Strength of the fabrics

ISO 13934 - 1

Tear Strength Tester

Tear Strength of the fabrics

ISO 13937 - 2

Shrinkage Template & Scale

Dimensional Stability of the fabric after laundering

ISO 5077

Front Loading Washing Machine

Domestic/ Home laundering of textile fabrics

ISO 6330

Tumble Dryer

Tumble drying of the laundered fabric (40 °C - 160 °C)

ISO 6330 & ISO 15797

PH tester

The PH of the chemicals and textiles

ISO 3071

Colour fastness

Colour fastness to rubbing


Color fastness to washing

Colour fastness to domestic and commercial laundering

ISO 105-C06:2010

GSM Tester & Weighing Balance

The weight of the fabric in a square meter

Testing instruments Overview:

Disc sampler

Electronic balance


Drop Hammer textile tearing

Tensile and tear strength


Rubbing color fastness tester

Wash fastness tester


shrinkage tester

Standard Light source Box


water bath oscillator

pH tester


vertical fabric burning behaviour tester

water repellent tester