Characteristics of flame retardant protective work clothes

- Sep 09, 2020-

1. Flame-retardant protective work clothes have permanent heat resistance, flame-retardant properties, do not support combustion, and do not reduce the flame-retardant performance due to the influence of washing and use times.


2. In the event of fire, the inner fibers of the fabric in the flame-retardant clothing can automatically and rapidly expand in an instant, making the fabric thicker and denser, and will not produce droplets due to its high temperature burning, thereby forming better protection for the human body Floor.


3. The flame-retardant work clothes have good wearing performance. The unique capillary surface design of the fabric can quickly diffuse the moisture on the surface of the clothes to achieve the effect of evaporation and heat dissipation fast and cool, and is comfortable to wear.


4. The sewing thread, zippers, buttons, pocket cloth, Velcro and other auxiliary materials of flame-retardant protective clothing are all flame-retardant materials.


5. The flame-retardant protective clothing has a series of physical and chemical properties such as washing resistance and abrasion resistance, so that its wearing life is 3-5 times that of ordinary cotton flame-retardant clothing.