Do you know these 7 characteristics of fabric?

- Dec 15, 2018-


   Feel the stiffness, counterforce of the opponent and the feeling of full elasticity when touching the fabric. For example, the feel of high-density fabrics made of elastic fibers and yarns. To make the fabric stiff, coarse fibers should be selected, fiber modulus should be increased, yarn compactness and weaving density should be improved.


   Softness refers to the soft, light, fluffy, smooth waxy feeling, stiffness, flatness and smoothness of the weak hand. To make the fabric soft, can improve the yarn unevenness, choose a more fine yarn, weaving density should not be too high.


   Fabric fleeciness is good, give a person with loose and plump sense. Compression rebound well, giving a warm and thick feeling.


   The ability to follow the soft deformation of the body surface.


   The feeling that comes from coarse hard fiber or strong twist yarn, basically be fabric surface feels, the integral rigidity of fabrics has enhancement effect to its. Smoothness can be obtained by twisting and using fibers with grooves or uneven surfaces.


   Fabric anti - drape, self - span to stretch the performance of the plane, has nothing to do with elasticity. Such performance characteristics can be achieved by selecting stiffer fibers and yarns and increasing the weaving density.

7、Drape degree

   Drape degree is the property that shows fabric to form curved surface naturally below action of gravity. If fabrics can sag the curved surface that becomes smooth, curvature even or ripple even, say fabrics drape is good.