The attentions to wear a fire service suit

- Aug 23, 2019-

Whenever a major fire accident occurs, such as starting a first-level emergency response, the firefighter will wear the fire service if he wants to enter the accident site.

Therefore, firefighters, that is, firefighters who wear protective clothing to protect themselves from harm when working on a major fire accident site, are the most important safety equipment for firefighters. The stronger the function of the fire service, the better the protection of the firefighter. What should I pay attention to when wearing a fire service?

1. Detailed inspection before wearing

Fire-fighting suits that are not used for a long time are prone to aging and damage, and it is necessary to check whether the overall performance is still in the safe range and the validity period. During the inspection process, special attention should be paid to whether the airtightness, airtightness, air supply and alarm devices can work normally.

2. Find a place to rely on. Put on the fire boots after wearing the fire pants. Put the pants outside the fire boots

3. Fasten your seat belt, check that the respirator is normal, and wear a mask for the experiment. If the cylinder is under normal pressure, wear gloves and a fire mask.

4. Finally, remember to bring a safety rope, a fire axe and a battery light.

In summary, in order to ensure the personal safety of firefighters in firefighting work and ensure the effective and standardized development of firefighting and rescue missions, it is necessary to wear firefighting suits smoothly and accurately according to the regulations.


1. Pay attention to the close combination of the mask and the hood, and fasten the buckle between the neck and the chest to ensure the air tightness of the fire service. When you tie your belt, you can move more easily.

2. When not using the fire service, always put it in the cabinet or in the shade, do not expose it to high temperature or direct sunlight.

3. Regularly check the fire service, half a year or once a year, mainly for air tightness inspection.

4. If stored in the box, take it out every three months for visual inspection, dry and lubricate the zipper and put it back in the box for storage.

5. In order to effectively save the fire service and improve the service life of the fire service, when folding the clothes, pay attention to the opening of the head cover, the neck buckle back and the two sleeves. The clothes are folded left and right, the gloves are placed in the middle, and the boots are rolled up from the bottom.