The development and innovation trend of work clothes formulation

- Aug 13, 2020-

With the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of people's consumption level, the demand for consumption has also undergone greater changes. The fabric products of health, comfort, environmental protection, safety, protection and other work clothes have been favored by consumers. Changes in the consumption structure have accelerated, consumption choices have become more diversified, and the application period for fabrics for work clothes has been shortened. From this perspective, it not only poses a threat to enterprises and has to increase costs to choose and purchase work clothes, but on the other hand, it provides enterprises with opportunities to develop new products and adapt to market changes. So on a macro level, it is impossible to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers without developing new products.


The fabrics of work clothes range from the most common pure cotton to the later processable fabrics. The styles are rich, but the wearing comfort cannot be guaranteed, and the protection of ordinary work clothes for all special occupations is not in place. Therefore, under the current circumstances, special protective clothing has become the focus of most attention.


Anti-static work clothes: Anti-static work clothes are special work clothes that can prevent the accumulation of static electricity suitable for petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, refining and other industries. In order to prevent static electricity from accumulating on clothing, anti-static fabric is used as the fabric, and the work clothes are sewn according to the specified style and structure. Widely used in petroleum industry; mining and metallurgy industry; chemical industry; electronics industry; special industries, etc.


Fire-resistant and flame-retardant work clothes: Flame-retardant clothing is one of the most widely used types of personal protective equipment. The principle of flame-retardant clothing protection is mainly to adopt shielding effects such as heat insulation, reflection, absorption, and carbonization isolation. Flame-retardant clothing protects workers from Damage from naked flames or heat sources. It is widely used in oil field, petrochemical industry, gas station, chemical industry, fire protection and other occasions where there are various protection requirements for clothing.


Oil and water-repellent overalls: The oil and water-repellent fabrics are finished with the latest fluorine-containing waterproof finishing agent through a special process, with excellent oil resistance, water repellency, antifouling performance and excellent washing resistance. Widely used in oil and water repellent overalls in petroleum, chemical and other industries.


Anti-acid and alkali work clothes: The fabric is treated with special technology to make the surface of the fabric repellent and resistant to damage from acid media, achieving the purpose of anti-acid and comfortable and breathable. It is widely used in labor protection protective work clothes for workers in places frequently exposed to acid (alkali) liquids in petroleum, chemical, light industry, machinery, electroplating, etc.