Type of firefighting Clothing

- Aug 30, 2019-

Fire service is an important fire equipment to protect the personal safety of frontline firefighters. Therefore, in the fire rescue, the design and use of fire service is particularly important.

With the constant changes in the fire scene and the increasing number of rescue methods, firefighters need to wear different combat uniforms in the face of different situations. Fire officers and soldiers need to wear a variety of firefighting clothing.

Insulation suit

Appearance: The thermal insulation suit is made of aluminum foil and is silver. It is divided into pants, jacket, gloves, boots and headgear. The head is covered with a helmet to protect the safety of the firefighter's head. The eyes are goggles, transparent, and primarily prevent heat radiation. Features: Aluminum foil insulation suit is mainly used for heat radiation, similar to the summer insulation of automobiles. It can withstand high temperature insulation and its thermal radiation protection is about 1000 ° C. This garment is very light and will not burden the firefighters who use water guns to extinguish the fire.

Heavy chemical protective clothing

Heavy chemical protective clothing is a protective clothing worn by firefighters to protect themselves from dangerous chemicals or corrosive substances when they are working on site. Mainly used in Class A environment (such as toxic and harmful workplaces, unknown types, toxic and hazardous substances); biochemical environment; environmental testing team; handling dangerous goods; various industrial environments.

Fire service

Light chemical protective clothing

Due to the uniqueness of the fabric, lightweight clothing is the perfect combination of protection, durability and comfort. The protective clothing material itself is protective, not through plastic film, plastic film products are easily damaged due to scratches; low chip removal rate, anti-static; it can prevent harmful substances and protect firefighters; it can also protect sensitive products and The production process is protected from human pollution. Light chemical protective clothing is a special personal protective clothing for firefighters to enter the solid, liquid acid and alkali chemical rescue site. Light chemical protective clothing is not suitable for use on fire scenes, accident sites or toxic and hazardous gas workplaces. It is suitable for steel plants, petrochemical plants, telecommunications, aviation, emergency medical departments and chemical plants.

Electrically insulated clothing

The electric insulation suit is made of nylon coated fabric and has good insulation performance and can withstand high pressure up to 7000V. High pressure resistance, flame retardant, acid and alkali resistance. Mainly used for physical protection of firefighters during field operations.

Fire service

Fire service is one of the important equipment to protect the personal safety of firefighters. It is an indispensable part of the fire rescue site, and it is also the fire protection equipment for the firefighters' body to be harmed. It is also our most common firefighter costume.

Rescue service

Orange tops, pants, white helmets and a pair of very stylish combat boots. In the rescue, there is no need to face the test of the flame, so the clothes are simple and light, and the orange clothes are bright and easy to identify. Used for body collapse, narrow spaces and physical protection for climbing and rescue sites. Flame retardant, wear-resistant, light weight, strong tensile strength, eye-catching colors and logos.

Fire shelter

Avoid clothing through 3000 ° C high temperature insulation clothing: 1000 ° C heat radiation prevention and emergency rescue. Application: The fire-fighting suit is specially designed for firefighters to enter the fire field for firefighting and rescue in a short time. Features: Covered with a water gun, firefighters can move freely at 3000 °C for a long time. If you don't have a water hood, you can walk in the fire for about 10 minutes. Applicable environment: high temperature operation sites such as metallurgy, chemical industry and special manufacturing.

Anti-peak service

The anti-peak suit is a wire mesh that protects the bees and has good protection properties. This is the protective clothing that firefighters wear when removing the hive. It has two structures, one is connected and the other is separate. It has various protection functions such as cutting prevention and puncture prevention.