What are the functions of the flame-retardant cloth produced by Touchstone

- Aug 13, 2020-

A. Flame-retardant cloth is not equal to non-combustible cloth, but flame-retardant cloth will prolong the fire time of the fabric. If the material reaches the ignition point, it will be prolonged for 20-30 seconds before it catches fire, so as to try to take off the burning clothing and reduce the degree of burns.

B. Non-flammability, this performance is also invalid if the design time or temperature of the flame retardant cloth is exceeded in a high temperature environment.

C. If the fire does not continue to burn, it depends on the fire site conditions and environment. If the fire site has sufficient oxygen supply and the residual temperature is too high, the possibility of the flame retardant fabric will continue to burn.

D. All kinds of fabrics of different materials can be treated with flame retardants, so the flame retardant function of flame retardant cloth is also closely related to the physical and chemical properties of the material. Although fabrics of different materials use the same flame retardant, their flame retardant effect is also Each is different and needs attention.

E. The fire is extinguished immediately after leaving the fire, depending on the temperature and airflow (oxygen) of the fire field and the length of time in this high temperature environment. The effect of the flame retardant exceeds its limit or the time it can take effect, and the flame retardant effect disappears, just like ordinary fabrics.

This is the flame-retardant function of civil/commercial flame-retardant fabrics. For special purposes such as: firefighters/fire-fighting equipment/military equipment/special industrial equipment, etc., the fabric material/flame retardant grade is several levels higher than that of civil flame-retardant fabrics.