What special fabrics are mainly used for special protective clothing

- Aug 17, 2020-

1. Cotton flame retardant fabric

The flame-retardant cotton fabric has good washing resistance, non-toxic and odorless, safe and reliable to the human body, breathable and moisture-permeable, soft to the touch, and comfortable to wear. It is suitable for the production of flame-retardant protective clothing in metallurgy, machinery, forestry, fire protection and other industries. It can also be used as decorative cloth for hotels, restaurants, opera houses and theaters.


2. CVC flame retardant fabric

The flame-retardant protective clothing made of this finishing fabric has good washability, non-toxic and no peculiar smell. It is safe and reliable to the human body, soft and comfortable to wear, and is deeply trusted by users.


3. Anti-static flame retardant fabric

Anti-static professional clothing (work clothes) is a must-wear protective clothing in flammable and explosive places. The anti-static fabric is made of anti-static fiber, cotton, polyester-cotton fiber blended, with strong durability, it is a permanent anti-static fabric.


4. Oil and water repellent fabric

All kinds of protective clothing made of oil- and water-repellent fabrics are suitable for workers who frequently contact oil and water media as labor protective clothing. The protective clothing does not soak in oil, and does not seep in water, and overcomes the contradiction between moisture permeability and oil and water resistance. It has good air permeability and moisture permeability and is comfortable to wear.


5. Anti-acid and alkali fabric

The protective clothing made of acid and alkali resistant fabrics has good acid resistance properties such as long acid penetration time, high acid pressure resistance, and low acid leaching strength.