Aramid Flame Retardant Fabric

- Mar 02, 2020-

Aramid flame retardant fabric is a kind of natural flame retardant fiber. The fabric produced has excellent performance. It has permanent flame retardant performance and excellent thermal stability. It is soft, moisture-absorbing and breathable.

Aramid IIIA has a higher limiting oxygen index of 32%, has a high decomposition temperature, does not melt under high temperature conditions, and has good thermal stability. After 100 hours of continuous use at 260 ° C, its strength is still high. Can maintain 65% of original strength. It can still maintain 50% of its original strength when used for 7 days at 304 ℃. Aramid 1313 also has excellent chemical resistance, namely resistance to acids and alkalis, oxidants and organic solvents. Its radiation resistance is excellent, and its strength is hardly lost under the irradiation of a certain intensity outside line and Y-rays. Aramid IIIA is available in white and dope colored yarns. It is currently used in industrial flame retardant clothing, arc protection clothing, fire protection clothing, racing clothing, and welding and furnace front work clothing.

With the wide application of this fiber, DuPont has developed a series of improved aramid products, among which aramid IIIA is widely used. Its composition is 93% aramid 1313, 5% aramid 1414, and 2% antistatic. fiber. Aramid 1414 was added to increase the heat resistance, shrinkage and shock resistance of clothing under high temperature flames and arc flashes. Antistatic fibers were added to reduce static electricity and improve wearing comfort.