Establising Long-term Cooperative Relationship With Moroccan Purchaser

- Dec 17, 2018-

  Based on the past two years cooperation, the Moroccan purchaser flied to China to sign a long-term mutual relationship memorandum with Touchstone on Dec.14 2018.

   Moroccan purchaser praised the nice quality of fabric exported from Touchstone, and also the punctual delivery time.

   By learning about the environment protection policy which is implementing by Chinese government in these years, the Moroccan purchaser considered that the delivery goods on time by Touchstone is worth of praise.

   After visiting Touchstone’s office and its cooperative factories, they decided to sign the long-term coorperative relationship with Touchstone immediately, and also place orders for the year of 2019.

   Building the better and long-term mutual trust relationships between Touchstone and the purchasers is one of ours daily effects.