Fabric Difference

- Aug 24, 2018-

Knitted and woven fabrics are different from woven fabrics because of their different knitting methods. Knitted and woven fabrics have their own unique characteristics in processing technology, fabric structure, fabric characteristics, finished products and uses.

(1) Fabric weave composition: (1) Knitted fabric: is by the yarn sequence bending into coils, and the coils in series with each other to form fabric, and yarn forming coil process, can be carried out horizontally or longitudinally, horizontally knitted known as weft knitted fabric, and longitudinally knitted known as warp knitted fabric. (2) shuttle fabric: by two or more sets of mutual vertical yarn, 90 degrees of angle for warp and weft interwoven fabric, longitudinal yarn called warp yarn, lateral yarn called weft.

(2) Basic unit of fabric weave: (1) Knitted fabric: the coil is the smallest basic unit of knitted fabric, and the coil is made up of a space curve between the loop and the extension line. (2) shuttle fabric: each intersection point between warp and weft yarn is called weave point, which is the smallest basic unit of shuttle fabric.