Fabric Knowledge

- Aug 24, 2018-

Kam-Polyester textile fabrics in the fashion market is one of the conventional products, Kam-polyester textile fabrics generally by the use of nylon filament, weft to use polyester silk interwoven.

On the market, a brocade polyester twill fabric has become a new comer of blended fabric, and it is one of the common blended fabrics that people prefer. Kam-Polyester herringbone fabric using polyester dty75d silk and nylon polyester composite 160D as raw material, the selection of twill tissue, in the water jet loom weaving, and then after a series of dyeing and other finishing processes. This fabric not only combines the dual characteristics of nylon and polyester, not only the use of different color temperature can achieve the effect of two-color, but also because of the integration of silk, so that the surface of the fabric will be shiny silver, give a person a sense of smart.