How To Make A High Quality Dyed Fabric In Touchstone?

- Jun 18, 2019-

Step 1 Selected Yarn

Good quality yarn is the foundation for good quality fabric production and is essential to the performance of the various textile properties. Influencing dying, piling, abrasion, tear strength and all important parameters.

Touchstone require all greige to use the best raw materials, such as long-staple cotton.

Step 2 Control of Greige

Regular checking and control of greige material is an important function ensuring any potential problems are detected at an early stage therefore maintaining the ongoing quality assurance process.

Before dyeing, Touchstone does inspection of 3%-5% of all the greige, all the requirements need to be achieved before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3 Dying & Finishing

Touchstone controls every step of the production process, closely monitoring procedures from continuous dyeing and jet dyeing to the various finishing processes.

Armed with several 20 years experiences first-line senior technicians, all the dyeing process and procedures would be monitored.

Step 4 Visual Inspection

Using a combination of modern technology along with our heritage and experience in textile production all fabrics undergo a 100% visual inspection process.

Our inspector or supervisors inspect the fabric at a speed of 15 meters per minute on the cloth inspection machine.

Step 5 Fine Quality Control

The final step in the process is the testing in our state of the art laboratory, ensuring we consistently meet all the necessary standards and specifications before delivering high quality performance fabrics.