Meta-aramid-aramid 1313

- Apr 24, 2020-


Meta-aramid, aramid 1313. It is characterized by good heat resistance and high strength. At a temperature of 250 ° C, the material properties can remain stable for a long time. Meta-aramid has excellent high temperature resistance, flame retardant, Non-toxic, and good electrical and mechanical properties.

Meta-aramid flame retardant fiber has a limiting oxygen index of 28, has a high decomposition temperature, and will not melt under high temperature conditions. Meta-aramid has good thermal stability. After 100 hours of continuous use at 260 ℃, its strength can still maintain 65% of its original strength. If it is used for 7 days at 304 ℃, it can still maintain 50% of its original strength. Meta-aramid also has excellent chemical resistance, that is, resistance to acids, alkalis, oxidants and organic solvents. Its radiation resistance is excellent, and under the irradiation of a certain intensity of ultraviolet rays and Y rays, its strength is hardly lost.

Aramid ⅢA is composed of 93% Meta-aramid, 5% para-aramid and 2% carbon fiber. It is divided into white yarn and dope colored yarn. Its white silk dyeing has passed. Recently, it has been used in industrial flame retardant clothing, anti-arc clothing, firefighting clothing, racing clothing, and welding and furnace workwear.