Oil Resistant Waterproof Fireproof Fabric Has The Following Characteristics

- Feb 27, 2020-

1. It does not penetrate and adhere to oil and water, and has good moisture permeability. Comfortable to wear, unlike ordinary water-repellent fabrics that are not breathable.

2. Compared with ordinary water- and oil-resistant fabrics (such as raincoats, plastic films), it has excellent dyeing fastness and abrasion resistance compared to oil-resistant, waterproof and fire-resistant fabrics. .

3. The fabric is full of color, comfortable and stiff, and the finished garment is beautiful and generous, while the traditional fabric is not as good as oil-resistant and water-resistant fabric in terms of wearing comfort or beauty.

4. Meet the requirements of oil and water resistant protective clothing safety and health performance ISO 14419, AATCC118, AATCC22, AATCC130 and other standards.