Some Key Advantages Of Inherent Flame Retardant Fabrics

- Jun 04, 2019-

Some key advantages of inherent flame retardant fabrics

    Inherent FR fabrics, from Touchstone (Shell Techtextile), are made of fibers in which the FR properties are naturally part of the polymer backbone and can never be worn away or washed out. The actual structure of the fiber itself is non-flammable; therefore, the flame trait is permanent.

    The primary advantage of inherent FR fabrics is the high level of protection against thermal hazards. Inherent FR fabrics will not ignite in normal oxygen content levels, or they will char as their protection mechanism.

    Other inherent FR fabrics off-gas to prevent combustion. While this method will not support a flame, it offers minimal protection and can release hazardous chemicals, such as cyanide, as the flame is extinguished.

    When exposed to heat or flame, inherent FR fabrics made of a blend of oxidized fibers carbonize and then expand, eliminating any oxygen content within the fabric, and provide superior insulation. Oxidized fibers are thermally stable and do not shrink during thermal exposures. Shrinkage during a thermal exposure decreases the air layers between fabric and skin, which ultimately reduces the overall insulation provided.

    Fabric made of inherent FR is extremely durable, exhibiting superior abrasion and tear resistance compared to chemical FR treated cotton and cotton/nylon blends—even when the FRT fabrics are made of heavier weight constructions. This results the long term when its durability extends the life of the garment. 

    Fabric made of inherent FR is easy to clean, exhibits low shrinkage, features excellent laundry colorfastness and rarely needs pressing, so garments continue to look like new after repeated washing.

You could find the following inherent FR fabrics on our website:

60% Protex 38% Cotton 2% Anti static fiber 250gsm

60% Modacrylic 40% Cotton

60% Modacrylic 35% Cotton 5% Elastic

60% Modacrylic 37% Cotton 3% Elastic Anti static Jersey Fabric

Multilayer Fabric 98% polyester 2% anti static carbon and 60% Protex 40% Cotton

60% Modacrylic 40% Cotton Terry

60% Modacrylic 40% Pique Fabric

50% Protex 35% Cotton 15% Nylon Ribstop

60% Protex 38% Cotton 2% Anti static fiber 305 gsm

360 GSM 75% Cotton 24% Polyester 1% Antistatic Flame Retardant Twill  

93% Meta Aramid 5% Para Aramid 2% Carbon fiber fabric  

65% Modacrylic 33% Cotton 2% Anti static fiber HV Yellow