The Choice Of Safety Protection For Front-line Workers --- Anti-static Fabrics

- Jul 08, 2019-

    The anti-static fibers prevent Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) sparks and discharge static electricity eliminating the risk of fire and explosion at the work place. Carbon anti-static yarn integrated in the surface and makes it absolutely safety for using in explosive atmospheres.

    Touchstone is running several kinds of anti-static fabric as followings: 

80% Polyester 19%Cotton 1% Antistatic Fabric Waterproof:

80% Cotton 18% Polyester 2% Antistatic Anti Acid Flame Retardant:

98% Cotton FR Anti Static Water & Oil Repellent Fabric:

Aramid IIIA Anti-static Fabric:

60% Modacrylic 38% Cotton 2% Anti Static Fiber 240 gsm: