The Classification Of Flame Retardant Fabrics

- Aug 07, 2019-

What is a flame retardant fabric?

The flame retardant fabric is processed by the internationally renowned "PROBAN" production process. The flame retardant used is a durable finishing flame retardant agent for cotton fibers and their blended fabrics. The main feature is that after the use of the flame retardant agent and its post finishing process, a permanent effect is formed inside the fabric, so that it has durable flame retardant properties and can be washed more than 50 times.


The flame-retardant fabric not only effectively stopping spread the flame but also maintains the original properties of the fabric. The flame-retardant protective clothing made of the flame-retardant fabric has excellent washing resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, non-irritating, safe and reliable to the human body, breathable and moisture-permeable, soft to the touch, and comfortable to wear. Its performance can reach EN11612 (formerly EN531), EN11611 (formerly EN470-1), EN533, 16CFR, NFPA2112, ASTM and other standards by MTL, TUV, SGS and other authoritative inspection organizations.

Its varieties are:

1. Cotton flame-retardant fabricThe fabric is made of 100% natural fiber cotton, which has the characteristics of cotton fiber, breathable and moisture-permeable, comfortable to wear and soft to the touch. Available in a variety of styles including twill, plain, satin and weft knitted fabrics.

100% Cotton Flame Retardant Water Proof

2. C/N flame retardant fabric - the fabric is blended with 88% cotton fiber and 12% nylon fiber. It has good wear resistance, better strength and softer hand feeling. The wearing life of the overalls can be extended by more than 50%, which can better prevent electric sparks, electric arcs, metal droplets and so on.

270GSM 12% Nylon 88% Cotton Flame Retardant Twill

3. CVC flame retardant fabric - the fabric has more than 60% cotton fiber and 40% polyester fiber blended. It has the excellent characteristics of both cotton and polyester fibers, and has the characteristics of strong strength, good wear resistance and wrinkle resistance.

Cotton Polyester FR Anti Static Anti Acid Fabric