The Principle And Advantages Of Anti-static Fabric

- Aug 12, 2019-

In the dry season, static electricity can occur when the clothes are rubbed. Although static electricity does not hurt people, it still brings some trouble to our lives. Moreover, static electricity can cause interference damage to electronic equipment, especially some precision instruments, which cause damage to these instruments due to excessive static electricity. Therefore, in life and at work, you need to do anti-static. Anti-static fabric is a special fabric that does not generate static electricity due to friction. The garment made with it is also very comfortable to wear and can be worn in special workplaces.


The principle of anti-static fabric


Static electricity is generated when the object is separated after contact. Almost all objects will generate static electricity when they are in contact. In particular, some objects that are easily separated by contact and generate electricity will generate a large electrostatic reaction. For example, when wearing a sweater in the dry season, it is a slap in the air. The larger the surface specific resistance of the textile, the longer the charge half-life. If the specific resistance of the textile fabric is reduced to a certain extent, the electrostatic phenomenon can be prevented. Anti-static fabric is a special textile produced according to this principle.


The main raw materials used in anti-static fabrics are sub-conductive fibers, stainless steel fibers, anti-static synthetic fibers, etc., which allow the static electricity generated in the friction to be quickly released. These materials are blended with blended fabric or polyester-cotton, which is an anti-static fabric. This kind of fabric can make clothes, hats, socks, shoes, etc. Its performance indicators meet the national standards.


The role of anti-static fabric


The anti-static fabric prevents static build-up on the surface of the fabric, and the static electricity on the surface of the human body made with anti-static fabric can be quickly released. It not only solves the static phenomenon in daily life, but also can be used in work clothes to play a role in special places to avoid safety accidents.


Static electricity is dangerous to both industrial production and warehouse storage. Static electricity itself can destroy sophisticated electronic instruments, and static sparks can ignite flammable and explosive materials. Therefore, in these areas that are sensitive to static electricity, work clothes made of anti-static fabrics should be used.


Industries that use anti-static fabrics include: electronics industry, mining and metallurgy industry, petroleum industry, chemical industry, atomic energy industry, aerospace industry, weapons industry, food industry, fireworks, pharmaceuticals, etc. Anti-static overalls are forbidden to be worn or worn in flammable and explosive places. Do not wear any metal objects when wearing anti-static overalls, and wear them with anti-static shoes.


Conclusion: Static electricity does not seem to have much power, it seems that there is no danger. However, it is a danger that many industries must guard against. These places must wear overalls made of anti-static fabrics. Through the above introduction, we know the principle of anti-static fabric anti-static, and what is the application of it.