Touchstone: 98% Cotton Flame Retardant 2% Antistatic Fabric Passed By Aitex® Test

- May 23, 2019-

   Touchstone has always been focusing on delivering to our clients workwear fabric, which is safe to wear and free from harmful substances, against fire and heat. 98% cotton flame retardant 2% antistatic fabric is comply with the requirements of the following standards: EN ISO 11612:2015 , EN ISO 11611:2015, EN ISO 14116:2015, EN 1149-5:2018.

   98% cotton flame retardant 2% antistatic fabric yarn with twill / satin weave. The antistatic fibers prevent Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) sparks and discharge static electricity eliminating the risk of fire and explosion at the work place. The fabric made of natural fibers with soft and comfort to wear, whilst FR-fabric protects from risks of Flash fire and ESD sparks. Antistatic yarn integrated in the surface and makes it absolutely safety for using in explosive atmospheres.

   98% Cotton Flame Retardant with exceptional protection, is used for professional welders clothing in different areas against sparks, flame, splatter, molten metal and radiant heat. It will be a perfect choice for Metallurgy, Oil and Gas Pipeline construction, Automotive workers etc.