Flame Resistant (FR) Clothing

1) Flame resistant clothing can be treated and inherent;
2) Meet EN ISO 11612,EN ISO 11611, EN 340;
3) OEM service provided;
4) HRC 2 arc rated.

Product Details

Flame resistant(FR) Clothing

Our top selling article is flame resistant clothing, it is comprised of 100% flame retardant cotton, cotton polyester, 88/12 cotton nylon,durable FR treated fabric, and also inherent FR material of aramid, modacrylic mixed permanent fireproof fabric, can be woven FR clothing and also knitted fire resistant clothing.The FR clothing are great for any occupation that requires flame resistant or arc rated clothing that demands that you been seen.

In the unlikely event of a flash fire or electric arc flash or other catastrophe,

Flame resistant clothing reduces burn injury, provides escape time, and increases chances of survival, so the FR clothing is essentially worn as insurance.

Flame resistant(FR) clothing features:

1) Material can be treated or Inherent FR fabric;

2) Fabric weight from 150gsm to more than 500gsm;

3) FR reflective tapes on arms,legs,shoulders and “X” back;

4) 100% meta aramid sewing thread or non FR stitching thread;

5) Two way heavy FR metal zipper on central front;

6) Collar,cuff and bottom with snap button closure;

7) Elastic waist inserts enable utility, combustible dust, and petrochemical workers to move agile on the jobsite;

8) Two chest pocket with FR velcro, two hip pocket,and two slant pockets;

9) OEM service provided!

10) Embroidery and printed logos can be added;

Colors Optional



1)Who wears Flame Resistant (FR) clothing?

People who work in dangerous environments that may involve the following hazards: Electric Arc , Flash Fire,Combustible Dust Explosion (workers in the paper and pulp industry, food processing, and many more industries). Plus ANY workers who come in contact with energized electrical equipment.

2) What is the shrinkage of flame resistant clothing?

We have our own laboratory, and flame resistant clothing shrinkage is follow EN ISO 11612 requirements, shrink less than 3% after 5 cycles of wash and dry. If you have a different request, we can also follow it.

3) Why is the flame resistant clothing so expensive?

Flame retardant fabrics are more complicated to produce compared to normal fabric. The cost is higher since that the stricter standards needs to be met, FR fabrics related to choice of fibers, dye stuffs, chemical treatments etc, and also we need to use flame resistant accessories, such as flame resistant sewing thread, FR zipper, FR reflective tapes and so on, then the final flame resistant clothing is expensive than common workwear.

4) How do I choose the correct flame resistant (FR) clothing?

Any flame protective fabric must provide the wearer with the expected degree of protection for the useful life of the garment. Garment is specified based on the employer's evaluation of workplace hazards. Protective apparel must be comfortable and durable while achieving appearance that is acceptable to both the employer and the wearer.

In addition to these general considerations, there may be other hazards present such as chemical or molten substance exposure. Finally, these multi-use protective clothing must be able to withstand laundering to remove  flammable contaminants and be returned to service without excessive color loss, or excessive shrinkage.

5) What is the FR clothing minimum order quantity?

If it is our common fabric and design, minimum order is 1000 pieces per special color, if less quantity, there will be a extra charge.

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